Spellbound Newfoundlands

Mark Duell and Lanelle Warrick
Buckley, Washington
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Ch IzzAdorableRags Magical Tune


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Magnus is a Ragdoll cat, a breed with which I was unfamiliar before deciding Mark needed a kitten. Now that we've had one (and there are two others in the family) we will always have a Ragdoll. Being primarily dog people, it was amazing to find a breed of cat that is so much like a dog. Magnus greets everyone at the door and has never met a stranger. He's amazingly social and is always interested in where we are. With our last cat, it was more common not to know where he was. If we can't see Magnus, we get concerned and make sure we know where he is. I've been clicker training him and it's been really interesting to see how differently his learning style is from the dogs. Magnus was purchased from Izzadorable Ragdolls in Delta, BC. He enjoyed a brief show career and finished his championship before deciding it wasn't his thing. Try talking a cat into enjoying something he doesn't like! We're still working on it though.