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Buckley, Washington
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Can Ch Cherry Creek Oops I Did It Again

(auxiliary Best Dog Ever)

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Having gotten so lucky with Sophie, we went back to Cherry Creek Beagles for another little girl. Britt is all girl - she would have been the cheerleader in high school. She's incredibly sweet and has perfected the dramatic head toss. Britt's started her show career, is finished in Canada and major pointed in the US. She is taking agility and obedience classes as well and has some big paws to fill if she wants to measure up to Sophie! Britt and Luci are best friends, and Britt is completely convinced that she's really got Luci pinned during their games. There's nothing like a Newf to give a little dog confidence, however misplaced. Her favorite game in the summer is to chase the barn swallows up and down the pasture. They enjoy teasing her and take turns swooping almost close enough for her to catch. It's terrific exercise for her, and at some point I'm convinced she's going to catch one of them.