Spellbound Newfoundlands

Mark Duell and Lanelle Warrick
Buckley, Washington
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Numa Suits Up at Spellbound


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Mosby is a recent addition to our family, but one we've waited years for. After meeting his mother, Haydon, at a national specialty as a puppy we hoped that we could someday have a Haydon son. His breeder, Diane Keyser of Numa Newfoundlands, also bred our perfect boy Harrison. Mosby joined us January 28, 2011 and is loving all his new big sisters. He and Sophie are the best of friends and love to wrestle. Somehow Sophie still wins - at least for now! Mosby is enjoying getting to know his water equipment and thinks they are all special toys. We expect him to be a great water dog since he spends every minute he can in the creek.