Spellbound Newfoundlands

Mark Duell and Lanelle Warrick
Buckley, Washington
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Cherry Creek Choose Me CD RA NA NAJ CL1 CGC

(aka Best Dog Ever)

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Sophie is the result of 10 years of begging on Mark's part. He wanted a beagle, and I thought it would be too noisy. Although I hate to admit it, Mark was right. Sophie's been a tremendous addition to the family, and I can't say enough good about her. Many of our friends have also been won over by Sophie and have changed their opinion of beagles. Mark and Sophie entered rally to help both of them with first time jitters, and easily earned a title. Since Mark's job changes have made it difficult for him to continue her work, she and I hit the obedience ring together. What fun to take a dog with such a solid base, polish her and go into the ring. Over a 9 day period in January 2011, Sophie earned 4 titles - one each in obedience and rally, and two agility titles. She entered the ring 13 times and passed 12 of them. A dropped bar in agility prevented a perfect sweep. Our next goal is her CDX as she is very close to ready. She is incredibly smart, quiet and nothing is a better lap warmer than a beagle. She adores Emily, and as you can see in pictures above, frequently uses her as a bed. Thanks to Cherry Creek Beagles for this wonderful girl!