Spellbound Newfoundlands

Mark Duell and Lanelle Warrick
Buckley, Washington
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Spellbound's Falling for Nunya


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Timber came back to live with us just before her second birthday. While we originally assumed we'd be placing her, she is such a special girl with so much potential that she'll be staying here with her sister. She loves to train, and learns very quickly. At the moment she is learning to cart and is starting her water training. Our hope for this year is a DD and a WD. Timber thinks she should always have the first turn at trying something new. She loves to help us in the yard, and is usually more of a hindrance as she wants to be right next to you. It's hard to dig a hole to plant a tree when you have a Newf trying to help! She's also thoroughly convinced that she's able to catch the beagles during their "chase me" games, not realizing they let themselves be caught. No worries, she's happy with the pursuit.